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The Road of Ruins

My hands gripped to the railing, I peered down at the ancient brickwork laid out in the dimensions of a house. My fingers twitched as the suburban road stretched on ahead of me in the middle of the fresh, morning mist which mingled with the scent of a bit tongue splashed across the dashboard, dribbled down soft flesh onto the stone blocks below. 

the good emperors

Good Emperors, Good Economics?

Frances Beal’s ‘Double Jeopardy: To Be Black and Female’ in ‘The Black Woman’s Manifesto’ was a ground-breaking essay written in 1969 during movements for women’s liberation and civil rights in America and distributed as a pamphlet by The Third World’s Women’s Alliance between 1970 and 1975. 

The Interaction of Politics and Religion in Ancient Rome

Constantine, unlike many of his predecessors, was successfully able to introduce an integrated and dynamic relationship between religion and state law which had profound consequences. This presented the possibility of utilising the political opportunity in front of him to further his own control over Rome and to forge an allegiance between the Church and state.