SWOTVAC Survival Guide

Ah, assessment season. A time of caffeine, panic, sleep-deprivation, tears and regret. I procrastinate my little heart out, so when SWOTVAC comes around it’s Stress City. It doesn’t have to be, though.

History’s Most Extra AF Monarchs

Being royal would be fun. You’re rich, powerful, and have a bunch of people to do everything for you. But if you’ve ever seen Spiderman, you’d know that with great power comes great responsibility. That might be why ruling a kingdom or running an empire can make people a little cray cray.

Pax Romana

At that moment, the man turns his head to the side and glances into the crowd. Ahaseurus is arrested by the man’s eyes looking into his own, as if they were penetrating deep into his soul and revealing all of his iniquities.

Review: The Crown

The much-hyped opulent staging of Netflix’s The Crown encouraged a quick look to check out the mid-century fashions. However, I found myself more engaged by the elements of history and the perspectives provided by post-war politics in England.