Content List

Want to submit to Chariot but in need of some inspiration? Our content list is a collection of prompts and ideas that you can draw upon to write a piece, but content is not limited to this list only. Send your own pitches or cold submissions to

  • Film Reviews – Dunkirk, Battle of the Sexes, Detroit, Victoria & Abdul, Loving Vincent, Sweet Country
  • Book Reviews – for Australian history, please see:
    – also see for other histories:
    –  Historical fiction is also acceptable, if written with a focus on the history rather than the fiction 😊 (i.e. we don’t care so much about the love triangles, but is sixteenth century Scotland depicted correctly? Would be good to see if there’s any information on the research the author undertook while writing the book)
    – Are you majoring in history because you loved Horrible Histories as a kid? Definitely review your favourite HH book.
  • Theatre, art and museum exhibitions also welcome to review (go check out the NGV and Melbourne Museum).
  • History in the News – Rohingya crisis in Myanmar, North Korea, Trump’s America (any parallels from past, seemingly “great”, America?), Manus Island and Nauru, etc.
  • Interviews – Email us if there are any historians or modern historical figures you would like to interview (and have access to an interview, or require assistance for an interview with somebody that we can realistically contact (e.g. a university lecturer))
  • 2018 Anniversaries – comprehensive list here: Write a reflection piece on an anniversary; how is the date still relevant? What have we learned from it?

–          30th Jan. 50th anniversary of the Tet Offensive launch

–          30th Jan. 70th anniversary of Gandhi’s assassination

–          4th April. 50th anniversary of Dr Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination

–          19th April. 75th anniversary of Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

–          5th May. 200th anniversary of the birth of Karl Marx

–          16th June. 55th anniversary of Valentina Tereshkova becoming the first woman in space

–          17th July. 100th anniversary of Tsar Nicholas II and family’s assassination

–          11th Nov. 100th anniversary for end of WWI

  • The History Channel – roast it! Defend it! Spend a day watching it and write about your experience! Can all of history be explained by alien interference?
  • Gay pride history – In light of the marriage equality survey results, consider the movement’s history at a local level, or go international and analyse pride history across the globe (Stonewall Riots are perhaps the most well-known, so think about discussing events outside the West or that are less celebrated).
  • What does it mean to study history, be a historian, write history? What perspectives and responsibilities come with the field? Is the subject taken seriously enough by the wider public? Any common themes that can be spotted while studying history (such as my personal favourite, the “oh and women were there too” ending paragraph of an article/book chapter)? How does history inform/change/dictate our modern lives?
  • Graphics – comics about a specific event, a collage exploring a certain theme (i.e. war, women’s rights, colonialism, power, etc.), portraits of historical figures, photographs of historical landmarks or places that you’ve visited, etc.
  • Creative – ever wanted to write a poem about your favourite historical event or figure? Or wondered what it’d be like if Mary Wollstonecraft hung out with Vida Goldstein? Did you write a play in high school about the Italian Renaissance that you secretly think is pretty genius? Send us something delightfully strange.
  • Been travelling recently, or have an upcoming trip? Tell us about the region’s history! Mix research and personal experience into a cool and educational travel blog post.
  • Women’s history – The study of women’s roles in history has only recently become increasingly pursued, the field of history being heavily dominated by men up until the late 20th century (second-wave feminism era). There is extensive scholarship now on women’s history, but are there still gaps? Write about the origins of women’s history as a distinct field of study, reflect on what women’s history is today, and tell us some of your favourite works by women historians.
  • “History is a set of lies agreed upon”, “History is written by the victors”, “Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it” – there are a lot of quotes about how history is written, taught, learnt. Tell us what you think. Are they valid? In what contexts? How do you interpret these quotes and how have historians themselves addressed them? Is history still written by the victors?
  • Assignments – Have you recently spent hours writing a research essay for one of your history subjects that you think is pretty good? Don’t let the time and effort you spent in the basement at Baillieu go to waste – send it through!

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